Dr. Doris Day Talks Cleansing: The First Step To Better Skin

dermatologist dr doris dayI recently came across this staggering statistic: Almost 66% of women don’t wash their face before going to bed. I found this to be surprising and also quite unfortunate since the evening is the most crucial time to wash.

Think about all the dirt and pollution you are exposed to during the course of a day. Between the makeup you apply in the morning and the dirt and debris that accumulate on your skin, you have a layer of grime and leftover makeup on your face by the time you get home at night. You wouldn’t go to sleep without brushing your teeth, so why wouldn’t you wash your face?

Pore-clogging oils also build up throughout the day, and washing them away is an important way to help control acne flare-ups. Since cleansing also acts as a light exfoliation, it helps eliminate the build-up of dead skin cells, which combined with excess oil can greatly aggravate breakouts.

There’s also a connection between skin radiance and cleansing—or lack thereof. When you don’t wash away this layer of dead skin cells, dirt and oil, skin can look dull and lackluster. One of the main reasons that deep-cleansing facials and exfoliation procedures make the skin appear fresh and glowing is that they thoroughly cleanse the pores and eliminate the excess uppermost layers of dead skin. But just simply cleansing twice a day can help the skin appear smoother and healthier.

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