NYC Ultherapy Questions Answered

Ultherapy new york city

Below is a list of frequently asked questions about Ultherapy.

Does it hurt?
Comfort thresholds vary from patient to patient, but there can be some discomfort while the energy is being delivered, which is temporary and a signal that the collagen-building process has been initiated. We take measures to make the experience as pleasant as possible [customize based on practice’s comfort management protocol (e.g. premedication, cooling fans)], and patients tell us they leave comfortable and happy given the benefits to come.

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NYC Dermatology Facts by dr Doris Day

Dermatologist Dr Doris DayWhat are the long-term effects of treatment?

Your skin is an organ like the heart, lungs, kidney or liver. Damage done to your skin can often be treated but any intervention must be careful and made with a weather-eye on the latest medical and pharmaceutical developments. We keep ourselves up to date with new treatments so you can be assured the advice you are getting is given for the utmost long term benefits of both you and your skin.

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