Birthdays are for Celebrating

Dr. Day family photo

Birthdays are for celebrating, even if the ones we cherish are not here to blow out their own candles.
I would give anything to have had more time with my sister; her birthday was last week. All the heartache and pain of missing her will always pale in comparison to the love and joy of the time we shared together in her 14 years on this earth. I love reliving the beautiful memories of the time we had and I love dreaming about what might have been if we had more time. She accomplished so much in the time she was here. Her energy still lives on and inspires me every day to be a better person, to help others any way I can, to love with all my heart and to not take a moment of this life for granted.

Dr Day with her father as she graduated from Medical School

My dad’s birthday is today. I think of and celebrate him as well. I am so proud to be his daughter and that I was able to share the sweetest goodbye and watch him transition as he passed on to begin his next adventure.

He left me with a lifetime of memories from his 92 years here in this world. I love sharing those stories and wise words of wisdom with you, here, and on my radio show.

Dr. Day and happy monk Tenzin Jampa

It meant so much to have the blessings and incredible positive energy of the “happy” monk, Tenzin Jampa, during his recent visit to my office. The timing, between my sister and dad’s birthday was absolutely perfect and made his presence even more meaningful.

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