Meet My Medical Aesthetician

Dr Doris Day and Michelle Fox
From Left: Dr. Doris Day, Michelle Fox

Michelle Fox is an outstanding, caring and highly skilled medical aesthetician and has worked with my practice for over 3 years and is highly trained in many laser and cosmetic treatments as well as skin care and chemical peels.

Michelle is dedicated to your care and beauty. She will work with you to formulate the most effective skin care regimen and treatment plan for your specific concerns and for the ongoing care and health of your skin.

Her treatments include:

Laser Hair Removal – Our Light Sheer Duet is the latest in laser hair technology, capable of doing large treatment areas in significantly less time and with greater comfort and efficacy.

  • Michelle Says: “Remember that hairs have to be darker than the pigment of your skin in order to treat them effectively and be sure to avoid sun exposure before and after each treatment.”

Isolaz – For acne prone patients, this deep pore cleansing, both removes oil and debris from the skin while reducing the bacteria and sebum output, creating a cleaner more controlled complexion.

  • Michelle says: “I like this better than a facial. Without picking or causing trauma to the skin, this is capable of deep cleaning pores. I also find it is most effective with proper topicals and in combination with peels or the Clear & Brilliant for that extra exfoliation.”

Chemical Peels – Various peels from mild to strong can be discussed to address your concerns, such as breakouts, texture, pigmentation and dark circles.

  • Michelle says: “Peels are a fantastic way to keep the skin fresh, healthy and bright. I like them as monthly treatments, giving your skin that extra boost it needs and helping all those other wonderful creams and serums you own to work that much better.”

Clear & Brilliant – A favorite among patients, this light fractionated laser is for those wanting clearer, brighter complexions with minimal downtime.

  • Michelle Says: “This is also great in combination with a series of our chemical peels and Isolaz treatments. I love combining treatments and quality skin care for the most effective results.”

Microdermabrasion – Gentle exfoliation of the skin through a spray of crystals and vacuum leaves your skin immediately softer and supple.

  • Michelle Says: “Combine this with an Illuminize peel and you will have gorgeously smoothed and refreshed skin with no downtime!”

Thermage – Radiofrequency has been the gold-standard in skin firming for years. This intensly focused radiofrequencey treatment heats up the dermal tissue to stimulate your  collagen to provide firming and contouring of the face, stomach, arms, thighs and buttock.

  • Michelle Says: “I think Thermage is the ultimate preventative treatment. Why wait to correct years of damage?  Best for when you just begin to see those first signs of aging and loss of elasticity in the skin.”

Pelleve – This utilizes the power of radiofrequency in a gentle fashion, warming up the tissue and stimulating the collagen. Can be performed on the entire face, neck, chest and arms, or for small areas like the fine lines aound the lips or eyes.

  • Michelle Says: “This is one of my favorite treatments and a favorite of my patients. It feels like a warm massage, is corrective and preventative. Who says pain is beauty?”

Ulthera – Our favorite must-have treatment for skin tightening and lifting. FDA approved for neck and eye lift. This treatment goes where no other modality has before and is capable of giving you that extra “lift” you want, especially around the eyes, jowls and neck.

  • Michelle Says: “Finally a non-surgical lift! Recently FDA approved as a brow and neck lift. This is my number one treatment. In my opinion this is the treatment to have. There is no other modality that goes as deep or is as effective in tightening and lifting the skin with little to no downtime. Don’t hesitate on this. It is a must!”