New Fixes for Aging Hands – Dr. Doris Day Talks About Radiesse

Reported by: Barbara Smith

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) – People hoping to turn back the hands of time with surgery or fillers, may be neglecting obvious signs of age at the tip of their fingers.

abc news salt lake city It’s a carnival game you win a prize if they guess how old you are. Then they ask for your hands. It’s a dead giveaway until now.

Hands are exposed to everything we do in life and that includes all kinds of weather. Utahn, Barbara Brinton, says it takes a toll. “I think my hands look older than maybe my face does.”

She isn’t alone, and new technology is now being used to remove sun damage, and even restore lost volume in hands. Dr. Sydney Coleman says it’s an easy fix. “Hand grafting is taking fat from one part of the body, refining it, or concentrating it, and putting it on another part of the body.”

The skin on the hands is thinner than the rest of the body and between sun exposure and aging; hands can wrinkle, and spot, earlier than other body parts

Under sedation, in a two hour operation, body fat is removed from the back or other areas, treated, and injected back into hands. Dr. Coleman says the result is a more youthful looking hand. The results last between three and five years.

If a fat transfer isn’t for you, Dermatologist Dr. Doris Day does a hand lift with soft tissue filler, Radiesse. “It looks very natural, it’s an immediate effect, and I don’t have to harvest or use any anesthesia. It’s something we can just do and go” Five minutes of injections which Dr. Day says are painless, yield marked results that will last for as long as eighteen months.

The price of hand rejuvenation varies depending on the filler used. It ranges anywhere from about $400-dollars to more than $1,000-dollars. Barbara Brinton says it’s not for her. “My motto is hands are for lifting others, not hand lifts.”

To find out more about the procedures you can contact the following plastic surgeons who list hand rejuvenation on their websites.