New Research Explains Upper Lip Wrinkles in Women

Better skin New York City DermatologyPerioral wrinkles, also known as smokers lines (even if you never smoked), are those annoying lines around the mouth, especially just above the upper lip line that are more common in women and downright rare in men.  Dutch researchers found that  the skin tissues around the mouth in women contain fewer sweat and sebaceous (oil) glands than in men, which could influence the natural filling of the skin, as well as  the fact that there are fewer blood vessels in this area in women than in men. It may be that better circulation may help slow wrinkle development.  Also, in women, the closer attachment of muscle fibers surrounding the lips to the middle layer of skin may cause an inward traction, which may create deeper wrinkles.

Finally, loss of volume in this area, of bone and loss or shifting of  teeth, as well as sun expsoure, may contirbute to the lines forming and becoming more prominent over time. The best treatments include botox, soft tissue fillers such as juvederm, and laser resurfacing and can offer a dramatic and very natural improvement.