Vain Glorious | A Very Man-Friendly Procedure

By KATIE CHANG | February 7, 2012, 1:32 pm | T Magazine

ematrix vein treatment

What: eMatrix

Why bother: Not all dermatological treatments are friendly to the fellows. Consider how women have the luxury of hiding away post-procedure — at home, on holiday, under makeup — while men, for the most part, can’t. It should come as no surprise then, why requests for eMatrix, an RF (radio frequency) technology said to stimulate collagen growth without disrupting skin’s top layer, are on the rise with the city’s suited set.

Results are immediate and therefore, gratifying: after a single treatment, the appearance of deep creases and unsightly acne pitting is minimized. Another draw involves the facially fuzzed, whether you’re bearded or mustached. “There is no damage to the hair follicles, so treating male faces is easy, safe and effective,” explains Dr. Michael H. Gold, whose skin care center in Nashville (go to led clinical trials for F.D.A. approval of the technology. Gold continues, “It is also color-blind, allowing treatment of all skin colors,” making this a reassuring alternative to popular lasers like Fraxel, which risk post inflammatory hyperpigmentation and additional scarring in deeper complexions. Noting hectic lifestyles and a desire for discretion, the New York-based Dr. Doris Day adds, “Guys can maintain their privacy in having the treatments. With eMatrix, downtime is minimal, so they can get back to their usual activities quickly.” Rejuvenated skin without the telltale signs of surgery: we consider this the great equalizer in modern dermatology.

How much: Each session costs $550 (or more depending on the area being treated). “Men can expect to see results within weeks after the first treatment. While results will continue, most men need three to five treatments for optimal results,” Dr. Day says.

Where: Dr. Day’s offices are at 10 East 70th Street, 1C. To make an appointment, call (212) 772-0740.